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Double Blessings

January 2, 2018, the day of Double Blessings

Once again, through the generosity of Ms Qian Yang, Mr Leaf Alifu (both young business leaders) and Mr Harris Niu, President of CCSA and the representative of the Charity Foundation of Canada, BASES graciously received another 200 pairs of brand new winter boots.

On Thursday December 14, 2017, BASES Family Thrift Store received a generous donation of 200 boots from Ms Qian Yang, to sell at our store. They came in 6 styles and a variety of colors. They sold so well that we asked if there was any way we could receive more. Our gracious donors were quick to say YES! We expected to receive another 100 pairs, but to our surprise, we were overwhelmed with gratitude that instead of 100, we received 200 pairs of brand new winter boots.

Both the Charity Foundation of Canada and BASES strive to support children and youth from underprivileged and lower income families. This beautiful act of kindness did not go unnoticed. MLA member Raj Chouhan (representing Burnaby-Edmonds area) awarded Certificates of Appreciation to our supporters in recognition of their generosity. Mr. Chouhan is all to aware of the many challenges that families living in Southeast Burnaby face.

There is power and strength in unity and like mindedness. Just as Burnaby City councillors Paul McDonell and James Wang were instrumental at connecting these business leaders with BASES, so too can we now turn around and support our local community, to help create the level playing field each child and youth deserve.

On behalf of all BASES directors and members, we sincerely say… Thank you

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