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Many Hands Make Light Work

On Thursday, May 24th, our volunteers, members, and donors had the opportunity to hear from a few of our locally supported schools about how much BASES is making a difference in their school community. We had staff members from Morley Elementary, Stride

Elementary and Bryne Creek Secondary share the incredible work they have been able to accomplish because of that support. Below are some of the statements and stories shared during the meeting.

“The effect on our school is instrumental…”

“From 3:00 and 8:00 pm we know is when children if they are unsupervised, out on the streets and led by their peers…that’s when they can get into trouble…”

“We are able to keep them in our school engaged and participating in rich programs.”

“BASES has funded our entire basketball season for both the boys and girls for the last three years including tournaments, tracksuits, banners, photo shoots. You give the team a sense of pride, seeing vulnerable students come together and being successful.”

“Seeing the students from Stride and Morley watching a seniors basketball game at Bryne Creek Secondary saying:“in a few years that’s going to be me” When you understand the life they live at home and that they can see themselves doing something constructive and positive… it’s moving.”

A List of Programs BASES supports

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