Burnaby Association for South East Side



A community where all children, youth and families are able to develop strong foundations for an independent, positive future.

Mission Statement


We will provide opportunities for children, youth, families and our community that lead toward success and independence.

Some of the future program opportunities will aim to develop the academic, physical and personal potential of children and families through breakfast programs, homework clubs, sports, cultural programs (arts, crafts, fine arts) and community kitchens.

Our Mission at the BASES Family Thrift Store


  • To raise money for BASES Programs
  • To offer respect, courtesy and friendship to our customers and each other
  • To offer professional service to our customers by following the thrift store manual
  • To promote environmental responsibility and help recycle where possible

BASES Family thrift store is committed to creating a team focus and appreciates your help and ideas.


Etsy Store

Shop our Etsy Store and pick up your items at the store, it’s that easy.

Store Hours

  • Sat to Sun : 10am - 5pm

Tel: 604-540-0110

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