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BASES Community Impact - Summer 2021

BASES Community Impact - Summer 2021

Thank you to our financial donors, those who donate goods and our faithful customers.  Together we continue to achieve great things in giving back to our community.

This summer BASES provided $30,000 to the Burnaby School District to help fund the 2-week summer day camp held at Edmonds Community School.  Students from Edmonds, Stride, Twelfth Avenue, Second Street, Morley and Armstrong, all BASES funded schools, were invited to participate. After attending the morning Summer School academic program, being fed a healthy lunch, 180 kids engaged in an array of fun activities, acquiring new skills, and extending their learning every afternoon.   


school camp burnaby

Students created wooden planters and stools and learned to construct a wall in a gym set up as an actual woodworking shop. Varsity athletes from the non-profit, Team Up, lead soccer drills and skills on the field and other sports activities in the gym.

Aspiring cooks harvested food from the school garden and cooked delicious recipes under the guidance of the Sprouting Chefs instructor. Music and Visual Arts classes were provided by long-time school partners Southside Community Church and Burnaby Parks & Rec.  Along with other supporting organizations, BASES was proud to be a funder in this amazing partnership providing low-cost, quality recreation to 180 deserving Burnaby kids. This 14-day program would have cost each child $250. They were only asked to pay $20.


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