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Reduce, Reuse, Re… Cycle Wipers

Reduce, Reuse, Re… Cycle Wipers

Reduce, Reuse, Re… Cycle Wipers!!!

The reality is that not all the clothing we receive as donations are sellable. Some items may be torn, stained or simply too worn out to sell.  Our team makes sure that the clothing and products we put on our shelves is in top condition. But rather that throw the rest away, we reached out to another recycling organization…  Cycle Wipers.

“We had a BASES employee reach out to us in January to see if we had any use for the donations they couldn’t do anything with,” said Andrew Ditschun, owner of Cycle Wipers.

Cycle Wipers works with donation centres across B.C. by taking in their unwanted donations. In their warehouse in Surrey, they purchase the unwanted clothing and turn them into reusable rags, where they then sell them in different packages.

“We were doing recycling before it was cool,” said Ditschun, a third generation Clothing Recycler, as he took over for his dad, who had taken over from his dad. “We love the fact that we get to help out the planet by creating reusable items out of stuff that would have been thrown away.”

Each year, Cycle Wipers estimates that they keep 9 to 10-millions pounds of garments out of the landfill by turning textiles into rags. Bases has contributed to those numbers by sending a 1 tonne cube van chock-full of undesirable clothing down once a month with no end in sight.

Cycle Wipers customers find a wide variety of uses for their rags and continue to grow their green business.

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