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2022 in Review

2022 in Review

Although Covid as a pandemic has moved on, its effects on our community continued to linger. 2022 came with some strong up’s and some heavy down’s but the BASES family was undeniably stubborn. We were so grateful that our financial donors continued to support us. Our store volunteers refused to give up on us, our staff continued to diligently make our store better and our board of directors kept their eyes on the goal of giving back to our community. We all kept our eyes on the prize. We are happy to report that we gave over $85,000 of financial support back into the lives of children and youth in Burnaby and New Westminster.

We directly impacted 10 schools in Burnaby, supported the Burnaby and New Westminster School Boards to lower the cost of programs more broadly and gave 10 new books to almost 1000 students in 2 elementary schools. We supported over 25 programs in 2022 giving hundreds of kids the opportunity to try something new at an affordable cost.

Without the tireless efforts of our volunteers and staff at BASES Family Thrift Store none of this would have been accomplished. We also want to recognize our faithful customer base and our community members who regularly donate quality goods and clothing to the store keeping our inventory fresh and exciting.

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