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Neighbors Giving Back

Neighbors Giving Back

It is no secret that our volunteers and supporters are as passionate about our cause as we are. When Mae shared this story with me, I knew I had to share it with you.

"I live in the neighbourhood near Bases and am an avid shopper and supporter of the store. The store itself is so clean and orderly and well run, and I love that the profits go to important programs in the local community schools.

Last fall, my young neighbour, did a fantastic job of helping us with our garden. Initially, we had agreed what his hourly pay would be but when it came time to pay him, he declined and said he was just helping a neighbour. We negotiated a bit and agreed that the money could be donated to a good cause. We settled on Bases and Edmonds School, and I matched his wages dollar-for-dollar.

Hence, the $500 donation to Edmonds Community School - a school I love dearly and pre-Covid spent several years volunteering One-One Reading and seed saving and gardening.


Thanks Mae

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