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The Great Book Giveaway

The Great Book Giveaway

Books are expensive. Not all families have the financial resources to purchase them and not all children can access our public libraries over the summer holidays. BASES wants to give 10 books to every child in up to 3 local Burnaby elementary schools to bridge that gap.

 Our goal is to allow every child to choose and have as their very own 10 books of their liking. This will give them the pride of ownership and encourage the joy of reading during their summer break or whenever they want.

 We have set a target to raise $4000 by the end of April to support this unique cause. Help us meet our goal.

Click on the link below:

BASES - Burnaby Association for South East Side | The Great Book Giveaway Campaign | Canadahelps

You will receive a taxable receipt for your generosity.

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