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Our Impact

We are a community of volunteers, including seniors, students, and new immigrants. Our volunteers sort and price donations and fulfill many other tasks involved in operating a thrift store.  We provide skill building opportunities (retail and digital) for our volunteer staff which becomes a gateway to valuable paid employment.

Since 2012, BASES has donated almost $750,000 to programming for children and youth in our community. We have supported over 2000 participant spaces in over 80 out-of-school time programs for children and youth.

Our partner schools in Burnaby and New West include:
Armstrong, Byrne Creek, Cariboo Hill, Edmonds, Maywood, Morley, Second Street, Stride, Twelfth Avenue, Windsor, Fraser River Middle, Qayqayt and Lord Kelvin.

Community impact

Resilience and revenue growth of the BASES Family Thrift Store has enabled us to sustain and expand funding for quality out-of-school enrichment programs at Burnaby & New West schools.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The donation of quality used goods means less garbage in our landfills. Our customers are able to find quality used products at great prices.

After school programs

Funded 80+ programs for children

5,932 sqft of retail space

Source of high quality, low cost goods in Burnaby

Mentorship Programs

Raised $750,000 since 2012 for youth and families

Our Highlights

  • The Breakdown

    The Breakdown

    Using BASES funds, School Connect Workers, Community School Coordinators, Community School Managers and School Principals created amazing opportunities for youth.
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  • 2022 in Review

    2022 in Review

    We are happy to report that we gave over $85,000 of financial support back into the lives of children and youth in Burnaby and New Westminster.
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  • Donating at BASES

    Donating at BASES

    We accept donations 10am – 4:30pm Monday – Sunday. Please drop off your donation at our receiving area, around back of the store.
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