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The Breakdown

The Breakdown

The busy 2022-23 School Year has ended. Using BASES funds, School Connect Workers, Community School Coordinators, Community School Managers and School Principals organized approximately 55 different programs in which 1059 elementary children participated, 1110 secondary students participated and 245 preschoolers participated!

In secondary schools the students took part in programs such as the Global Issues Club, Robotics, Leave-Out-Violence, Food Safe, Gardening Club, Mural Club, K POP dance and the SOGI Alliance. In elementary schools the children enjoyed such activities as Lego and Games, Dance, Cooking, Healthy Choices, Futsal, Summer Friendship Club, Gymnastics, Eco Explorers, Robotics, Martial Arts, Assiniboine Beading and a wide variety of Arts classes.

BASES recognizes that kids thrive when they are in a community of caring & supported adults who enfold them. And so we also fund programs that enrich adult lives such as Nowruz celebrations, Calm and Confident parenting, Safe On-Line program and Art.

A huge THANK YOU is owed to all our volunteers and supporters for helping to ensure that BASES continues to make a difference in the lives of children and youth in our Burnaby and New West communities.

                                                                                  - Emily Sutherland

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